The Scions of Amber

Tales of the Scions of Amber

A Grand Day in the Park

I knew something was wrong when I recognized so many of my cousins in the park. Seth and I had decided to stop by his mom’s house and check on her dogs. Aunt Fiona has been staying there recently for some reason, and god knows she hates Aunt Flora’s dogs, so even though there were servants there, we figured it was a good idea to at least check in on them. While we were in New York, we had decided to stop by the festival they were having in Central Park, and it was there that we found multiple cousins. It is unusual to find so many of us in the same shadow, unless it was a prearranged meeting, and even then it is highly unlikely.

I decided to wait and see what would unfold, as it was obvious that something interesting was in store for us. In the meantime, I decided to make the wait more pleasant. We wandered over toward the stage where a gorgeous blonde girl in a blue bikini top was swaying to the music, looking as though she could use a partner to dance with. Flirting with her required only half of my attention, so I was therefore able to keep an eye on my surroundings. I noticed several more cousins, Jocelyn was showing her horse, Quinn was watching her win the competition, and Orion was wandering through the ethnic food stands. There were also a few Chaosites as well.

The chick said something to me and as I turned to look at her, Desi hip bumped her out of the way. Desi has great hips. She said that she was looking for Merlin, and I was about to tell her that I’d seen him walking toward the pond, but she looked so hot that I couldn’t help but convince her to stay. Desi was an excellent substitute dance partner for blue bikini girl considering I couldn’t remember her name…I think it was Jenna, or Gina, or something like that…but it was a bit harder to focus on what was going on around us with Desi’s hips rotating beneath my hands. Which is why I was surprised when Gilva asked me if I’d seen Merlin…I didn’t remember when she had shown up.

It appeared that Seth and I were going to get to witness a chick fight, which would have been hot, but also pretty intense considering who would have been involved (Gerard’s daughter and a hell-maiden from House Hendrake). However it looked like Gilva was going to beat Merlin to a bloody pulp first.

So Seth and I followed the ladies as they made their way down toward the pond in search of Merlin since we were guaranteed substantial amusement from his predicament. I mean, I’ve gone out with multiple women in the same day, who hasn’t? But I thought it was rather risky of him to do so with these two in particular. Once we arrived at the pond, it seemed that our other cousins had congregated there as well, which was rather strange as most of the activity was back by the food pavilion and the stage…It was then that things started changing.

Someone was manipulating the shadow around us, morphing the shadow folk into strange beasts that were responsive to the sound of a hunting horn, blown by a man on a steed. Though we were caught unprepared for a fight, we managed to destroy the small force and the bizarre thin-men that attacked us. A few cousins had minor injuries and while they were bandaging them, we heard the sounds of another horn and Jocelyn brought us news of another rider and larger force fast approaching. Pilgrim quickly led us away through shadow. He’s rather aloof as far as my cousins go, and I have not yet decided whether I like him or not. It chaffed me a bit to have to run from a fight like that, but considering I was dressed solely in a pair of swim trunks I didn’t concern myself with the thought overmuch.

The shadows changed quickly as we ran behind Pilgrim. It seems that whoever was working against us was forcing us toward a canyon where we would be quite effectively trapped. Pilgrim finally relented to our pursuer’s wishes, but not without throwing a village of giants in their way. Leading the pursuit was a woman upon a horse. Her name was Brigid, and she was a good shot with a bow. I threw up a spell to shield those who were climbing a dangling rope to safety and the others ran toward a small opening in the side of the cliff while the giants attacked her forces. Just as I wiggled my way into the opening, she called for a retreat.

I want to know who she is that she dares to attack so many Amberites. Now that we’re aware of her intentions, I don’t think she’ll find us easy targets. Once we get everyone bandaged up, we can figure out how to best teach this bitch a lesson.

- From the Journals of Constantine, Marshal of Amber



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