The Scions of Amber

Tales from the Scions of Amber

Into the Twilight Realm

We were met with no major obstacles as we followed Brigid’s retreating army through shadow, first by tracking the horse hooves and then later by following the wagon tracks when it was clear that they met up with more of their hunting party. We reprovisioned at a guard outpost along the road and continued until we reached a sprawling city on top of large mesas connected by floating bridges. A small boy led us to the nearest inn where we enjoyed a short repast and discovered our location. We were near the home of the Twilight Lords, this city sat at the gate to their lands, and by the awestruck face on passersby, it was clear they thought we were some of these Lords. (It also could have had something to do with the hell-steeds we had retained from Brigid’s army.)

We decided that it was best to continue with this deception and see how far it would get us. After determining from a beggar that Brigid had passed through the Twilight Gate not six hours earlier, we spurred our mounts through the gate. After traveling a fair distance we found ourselves on a road approaching a large castle, from which we could see a lone rider coming our direction. We quickly laid a trap and hid since it was clear that we had not escaped detection. When the rider, a beautiful redhead with the same predatory gaze as the bird resting on her shoulder, came within view, Pilgrim and I launched the attack followed closely by Orion. (Jocelyn had led the horses a short distance away so as they would not give away our location.) It did not take her long to realize that she was outnumbered and surrendered into my protection.

We departed post haste with our captive, minus Jocelyn whom we had been unable to locate. We made our way through shadow back toward Amber and eventually met up with Jocelyn who had made a valiant attempt to capture the redhead’s runaway horse before having to flee from an approaching party of Twilight Lords. We joined up with Seth and Martin via trump, who had recently been attacked at Flora’s house. After a short rest, all except Pilgrim returned to Amber, Pilgrim having stayed behind to remove the evidence of the fight and repair the damage to the house.

Our captive was delivered into the hands of the guards who took her down to the dungeons, and Julian, after hearing the story decided to pay her a visit. I reported the situation to King Random accompanied by Orion and Jocelyn and afterwards we retired to our respective rooms to recuperate. Unfortunately the recuperation was short-lived as Flora, who was also in the palace, was upset that she was not informed and wanted to hear the story as well.

As we begin to formulate our plan for the Twilight Lords, perhaps I will make a trip to the dungeons, although it is probably not necessary as Julian is usually very effective at obtaining information from unwilling sources.

- From the Journals of Constantine, Marshal of Amber



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