Rebman Sorceress


Daughter of Llewella, Aderyn is a lot less of a home-body than her mother. She is quite widely traveled in Shadow, even to the Courts of Chaos, where she learned a great deal about Sorcery. Though she is extremely different from Desmonda, being quiet and introverted in most situations, she is similarly hard for the Court to classify. Her manners are proper for the most part, but she displays odd mannerisms she learned in Chaos occasionally, and her Rebman upbringing makes her aggressively indifferent to how much clothing is covering her.
Unlike Desmonda, she doesn’t choose clothing to shock or entice, but rather for comfort. The overall effect on the fairly-conservative Amber Court is much the same, however.




Aderyn stands a good chance of having met nearly anyone, she is a voracious shadow-traveler, having missed the entire Patternfall war except for the very end due to being far out in Shadow. After the war she spent time in Chaos, and then resumed her traveling.
She’s quiet, and don’t initiate much when meeting someone for the first time, but once she has had a chance to get comfortable around someone she is quite friendly. Not a life of the party sort, but quite solid and agreeable. She loves to try new things, so anyone who’s friends with Aderyn can be pretty sure that she’d be willing to come participate in whatever new thing they’re excited about.


The Elders tend to take Aderyn’s oddities in stride, having gotten used to strange or distant behavior from her mother long ago. The male-dominated culture of the Amber family has little trouble with women that are quiet and not terribly demanding, so the general reaction to her is positive.


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