Loud, Fast, and Passionate


Desmonda is Gerard’s daughter, and while she thankfully does not share her father’s trademark bulk, no one has ever accused her of being a physical weakling, or out of shape. She’s a bit of an engima in the Court. Her father has an important role, and she certainly is feminine in some ways, but she draws the line at wearing skirts instead of pants, and makes no bones about trying out new fashions or loudly declaring her opinions. Thus far she is viewed by the Court as a bit of sand in their oyster, but it seems unlikely that she’s going to become anyone’s plain white pearl.




Desmonda, sometimes Desi but only to close friends, is someone who tends to polarize people. Loved or hated, there are few who are lukewarm or have no opinion. People who don’t care much about decorum, like physical activities, and have a thick skin are likely to think she’s a terrific addition to the family. More proper, studious, or overly proud sorts are likely to have had an altercation of some kind with her.
Another thing everyone knows about Desmonda is that while she takes the old adage about finishing fights to heart, she’s certainly not afraid to start them.


Gerard dotes on his daughter, though she exasperates him sometimes. Most of the other elders are some version of this, with less doting. Fiona is actually quite fond of Desmonda, because she is highly amused by the wreck that Desi is able to make of Court functions. Florimel’s dislike for Desi is severe. The rest tend to simply shrug their shoulders, remark that Desmonda is still quite young, and minimize their contact with her.


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