Hellmaid and Adventuress


A true daughter of House Hendrake, Gilva is highly skilled in the martial arts. She takes pride in this fact, and while she is traditional enough to dress in a manner appropriate to women wherever she is, she rarely goes unarmed and never allows someone to imply that her gender makes her weak. She’s quite concerned with her honor, and that of her house, but she’s not stiff or overly formal. Instead, at her young age, being strict about honor is a good way to get into a lot of duels, while winning favor with her elders. She has a temper and is eager to fight, but is equally quick to forgive as long as no lasting harm has been done.

With the war over, she’s had time to travel. It’s not easy for a Chaosite to get out of the Black Zone, so any forays Gilva has made outside that area have been mostly trips with Merlin, or Aderyn.




Gilva is a tough girl, beautiful, but tough. She doesn’t allow people to walk over her, and she doesn’t take any crap from anybody. She’s friendly enough, she just expects to be treated like an equal, and has the skills to back that up. For those who like that kind of strong, confidant person, and don’t mind that said person is a woman, shes’ a great companion. She will come to the defense of her friends without hesitation, unless they obviously want to handle things on her own. Those with more traditional views of women, or who simply prefer less intense companions may find her to be ‘uppity’ or too exhausting to spend time with.


Traditional elder Amberites, especially the male ones, find Gilva to be too self-promoting. Elder Chaosites, on the other hand, see her as a very typical young Hellmaid, and find her to be quite an acceptable member of the younger generation.


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