Orphan Princess


Guinevere is Eric’s daughter, and as such her tale is not a very happy one. She was born out of wedlock, and though Eric planned to legitimize her once he felt secure enough to bring her to Amber while he was King, that day never actually arrived. Instead, he died fighting the forces of Chaos, and Gwyn, as she’s known by most, was left without a father. It was Caine who sponsored her to the Court and helped her walk the Pattern, once all the dust had settled. She’s a recent addition to the family, and seems either unsure of herself, or perhaps simply rather private, and testing those around her.




Gwyn is a hard woman to get to know, especially for anyone closely related to Corwin. She has thus far refused to interact with Chaosites at all, though they have little reason to seek her out in any case. She is reserved, polite, and proper. She allows very little to be known about her, from likes and dislikes to what skills she might possess. She’s happy to hear praise about her father, but usually cuts discussions about him short.
Overall, she’s an enigma to most. Polite, but distant. The only subjects she seems willing to discuss in depth are trival matters of fashion, news from shadow, and that sort of thing. She scrupulously avoids any sort of succession speculation.


Corwin, surprisingly, has been quite warm to Gwyn, though his overtures during the one time he met her were not returned. Overall the Elders have received Gwyn well, though they are naturally suspicious of anyone who is so careful with information.


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