Poisoned Smile


Jezelda is a member of the more minor Amberlash house, but to hear her tell it, it seems more like she is almost a member of the Royal Swayvil house. She loves to get advantages wherever she can, and seems not to be burdened with silly things like ‘scruples’. She is creative, affable, beautiful, sultry, and smart. In addition she is willing to lie, cheat, steal, beg, borrow, and kill to get what she wants.

In other words, you can trust her like a cousin.




Scions typically don’t have a lot that Jezelda wants. Thus, she’s usually not very nasty to them, and often is well-liked. In fact, she’s a great person to go to if one wants to set up some kind of difficult plot or scheme. On the other hand, scions who have experience with the vicious politics of Amber or especially the Courts may be instantly wary of Jezelle, she’s obviously a very dangerous woman who is looking to make herself even more dangerous.
Those few scions who do have something Jezelda wants are usually recipients of an attempt to charm them before any more stringent measures are tried. In the case of someone open to Jezelle’s ‘affections’, the target may end up enjoying the experience.


Elders rarely treat Jezelda like a scion, they look at her as someone who has already joined the political game, albeit with less built up resources than most. In some cases this can be very dangerous for her, especially if she screws something up and alienates one of her stronger allies. On the other hand, at least they take her seriously, and don’t treat her like a kid.


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