Type A Personality


Kirin is an experimental man. He likes to try new things, new powers, new activities, new places, new people. If it’s not new, flashy, and fun, what’s the point? There’s a lot to see in realms of shadow, Chaos, and even Amber, and he’s not one to slow down the pace.

Whatever Kirin is currently involved in is his absolute passion. When he learned swordplay it was all he would do. When he learned Sorcery it was similarly his only occupation. When he travels in shadow he doesn’t just tour bits of the Black Zone, he makes exhausting treks deep into Shadow, seeking out strange wonders and dangerous catastrophes. Whatever his next passion is, one can assume he will tackle it with that same seemingly inexhaustible energy and determination.




Kirin is a hard guy to keep up with sometimes. People who like taking it easy prefer short visits with him. People who are similar hard-chargers usually are gratified to finally meet someone who’s as constantly in motion as they are. Whatever the opinion of him, everyone knows that a visit with Kirin won’t be quiet, but it won’t be boring either.


Elders like his energy but are either amused by or annoyed with his tendency to learn a little of everything, but master nothing. Some assume he will eventually find his true passion, others wonder if he will simply go through his life as a dabbler, and shake their heads.


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