The Quiet One


A budding sorceress from the house of Helgram, Linara is known to be very quiet. That doesn’t mean the same thing as demure, or shy in her case, rather she is very observant. Some might even characterize her as sneaky. When she does talk, she usually has a pretty insightful, pithy, or sarcastic comment to make. She’s a smart one, and she doesn’t mind showing it off, but she also doesn’t see a lot of value in just filling up the silence with words.




Linara is liked by studious types, quiet types, and sneaky types almost universally. She can get along with anyone, but doesn’t always choose to do so. Anyone who has repeatedly done stupid or overly brash things in her presence has probably been treated to the sharper side of Linara’s tongue, which doesn’t tend to endear them to her. Still, she’s not high on enemies, and she means her comments in good fun… mostly.


A quiet, secretive, highly intelligent sorceress? Excellent if one expects to benefit from her efforts, disaster otherwise. Linara is carefully watched by her elders, some of them even making preparations against the day that she might attempt to assassinate them. After all… that’s just a good promotion strategy in Chaos.


The Scions of Amber Drascus