Chaos Lord or Prince, but always a Pawn.


Merlin can claim ancestry from the best of both Chaos and Amber, but so far he has shown little desire to embroil himself in the ways of either Court. He spends a great deal of time in Shadow since he took the Pattern, but that is to be expected of a young man who has so recently acquired that power.




Those of his own generation who’ve met him usually find him pleasant enough, if occasionally scatterbrained. A good man to play sports with, or have a drink, but prone to waxing over-verbose when the subject of his latest project comes up. At least, that’s how the men find him. The women are more likely to find something endearing and compelling in his cocky charm, tempered by clever self-deprecation.


His elders know him as a fairly typical youth, if perhaps a little bit too smart-mouthed for his own good.


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