Spoiled Rich Kid


Rabin is your classic spoiled noble son. He expects things to go his way more or less all the time, and has no particular compassion for the lower classes. That said he’s not horrible to be around if his companions are likewise unconcerned with the fate of ‘lessers’. He may be one of the top persons in House Chanicut in his generation, but he has many friends of similar good breeding and knows how to play nice with other nobles. His ideas of entertainment are a little decadent, and he’s not the most athletically inclined Chaosite the world has ever seen.




For those who like the good life, Rabin is not a bad guy to know. He always insists on have the very best of everything, and is good at making an evening fun, if at the expense of someone else. An evening with Rabin is sure to involve the best food, the best wine, the best drugs, the best girls (or boys), and the best venue. Fun will certainly be had. For many, however, he rubs them the wrong way. More athletic or simply effort-oriented people find his spoiled demeanor intolerable. Rabin is certainly a polarizing presence among his own generation.


Elders tend to have little use for Rabin, unless they have some actual political use for him. The spoiled thing is not endearing to people who won’t be at his parties, and reminds similarly spoiled elders too much of themselves. He is watched warily, such men either become wastrels or very dangerous manipulators.


The Scions of Amber Drascus