Son of the Villain


Rinaldo revealed himself two years ago as a Son of Brand, which caused quite a stir in the family. He jumped right in to politics in the Golden Circle, and is currently maneuvering himself into a position to attain the throne of Kashfa.




Rinaldo is a fun guy, and very interesting to be around. On the other hand, he feels like a bit of a used car salesman sometimes, and it’s hard to tell exactly how much he can be believed or be trusted. So far he’s been able to deliver on all his promises, and it’s always a fun time to be with him, it’s just that there’s that slight slippery quality…


The older generation tends to see Rinaldo almost entirely through the lens of his father, transmitting their opinion of Brand to his son. Which means that most of them distrust or hate him.


The Scions of Amber Drascus