The Leading Man


Seth is Florimel’s son, and was blessed by his mother with an excellent education in many areas, courtly manners, fighting, art, really any gentlemanly pursuit. As a result, Seth is a well-rounded, well-adjusted man. On the other hand, all that broad education combined with his ability to walk in Shadow means he has no idea what he wants to focus on yet, he’s still trying a bit of everything.




Seth is a terrific guy to be around. In many ways he is shaping up to be something of the Bleys of this generation. Friendly, unstinting in his praise, good at nearly everything he does, though not at the top of the generation at anything in particular. Seth is the kind of person who arrives at a party, and suddenly everyone in the room is having a better time than they were before.


The elder generation views Seth fairly positively. He’s polite to his elders and a sort of classic man of Amber, so even those Elders that don’t like his mother view Seth in a positive light. One of the darlings of the younger generation as far as the elders are concerned.


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