Advancement Points

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Advancement points are some of people’s favorite things about Amber. Not too much is going to change about them from previous games, but here’s a quick description of how they’re going to work, as well as one small new thing about Advancement.

Advancement points will come fairly frequently, but in smaller chunks than in some previous Amber games. With power Specialties it’s easier to buy things incrementally, and regular advancement should feel more natural and smooth.

You will submit the points normally, indicating what you want, in what priority order, and if you will take bad stuff for any individual items on the list. If you wish to retain some Good stuff, you can indicate that you want “Some” good stuff or “Lots” of good stuff, but not a specific number of points. You cannot ask to go only partially into bad stuff but stop before you hit the max.

Time Jumps & Advancement

The game will occasionally feature larger time-jumps, to allow longer term plots to happen, and to reflect the life of immortals where some things happen very rapidly for a while, and then there are long periods of calm.

Advancement sessions for time jumps will feature more points than usual. You will also get a boost to your attributes across the board, completely separately from the points you choose to spend. This reflects the general increase in competency that Amberites enjoy as they age. It won’t turn a weak attribute into a powerhouse, but it will reduce the effect of weaknesses the more time-jumps we have.

Advancement Points

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