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The Character Quizzes that appear starting on page 226 of the Amber: Diceless role playing book are a terrific way to get your character concept going well on your head. Five of these questions must be answered before your character can join the game! Those appear below. I’ve also provided some other questions that I think are especially good in another section below if you feel like you’d like more ways to think about your character before the game starts.

The Five Questions – Gotta Answer These!

2-3 sentences is sufficient to answer each question, but feel free to write more if you like.

  1. Your character is plagued by a recurring nightmare/dream. Describe the dream.
  2. What was your character’s first or most memorable love affair? In the unlikely event that your character is a virgin, a romantic crush works fine as well. How did it start, what was it like, and how did it end?
  3. What was your character like at the age of 10 (fifth grade)? A wimp? A bully? A nerd? A snitch? A klutz? Were you popular?
  4. If your character were suddenly plunged into a normal, non-Amber life right in there here-and-now of Earth’s Western Civilization, who would they be and how would they live? Would they be in business, entertainment, married with a 9-5 job, or homeless wanderer?
  5. You’ve been bruised, beaten, and battered in a nasty engagement against your enemies. Now you have a chance to pick a nice shadow to recover and relax in. Your vacation will only last a couple of weeks, so you want to pick just one shadow to minimize travel time and maximize vacation time. What sort of shadow would you pick, and what would you do there?

There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? More questions are below if you want to answer them. If you answer at least 5 more, then the first journal you skip counts as completed.

Additional Questions

  • Your character has need of a horse for a long journey. Describe the steed’s size, coloring, build, training, and personality.
  • From your character’s point of view, in the extended Amber family is it better to be loved or feared? Would your answer change with a different group? Why?
  • What’s your character’s favorite food and drink? What food or foods does the character hate?
  • Did your character ever have a pet? If so, what was the pet like? What ultimately happened to it? If you never had a pet, why not?
  • What would your character consider the greater evil, maiming an Amberite, or murdering a shadow person?
  • What would provoke you to murder a shadow dweller? Whim? An insult? An attack? Nothing?
  • How do you think your character’s father would describe him/her? How would the character’s mother’s description differ?
  • Describe your character’s personal bedroom or suite, the one that he/she really considers ‘home’. Is it in Amber or Shadow? How is it decorated? Describe your favorite spot to read or otherwise relax in your room.
  • How would your character describe his/her perfect spouse or mate/partner? Do you as the player agree that that person would be perfect, or does the character not know who’s good for him/her? If the character is wrong, what is he/she wrong about?
  • Midway through a pleasant meal, with a pleasant companion, your character receives a Trump contact from an enemy of yours. You have become sick of the whole business with this antagonist, wishing it would just go away. How would you deal with the situation?
  • Your character is the butt of a practical joke. Could your character see the humor in it? What’s the response? Another prank, or a more serious escalation like a duel?
  • Your character is stuck or otherwise residing on Shadow Earth for a while, and looking for companionship. The problem is, if you go looking for a date in person you are all too likely to unconsciously mold the shadow person with your Pattern. So you turn to Online Dating or Personals adds. Write up your character’s Dating Site Profile or Personal Ad.
  • What emotions does your character feel comfortable expressing in public? Sorrow? Anger? Sadness? Humor? Disappointment? Joy?
  • If you had a single question you could ask Dworkin and get an honest answer, what would it be? Or if he doesn’t fit the bill, what Elder or other wise figure would you ask, and what would the question be?
  • Describe your character’s voice. Would you say your character speaks formally? Casually? Does the character have any habitual expressions or curses?

Character Questions

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