Golden Circle

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The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is indeed a literal circle of waterways that link together various Kingdoms that have treaties and commerce with Amber. The circle surrounds Amber, all ways lead to Oberon’s great city. Because most travel in the Golden Circle is done by ship, the stars are very important to navigating the shadow paths that cross the seas. Each Golden Circle Kingdom is associated with which part of the Zodiac it lies under, as that’s what sailors look to when they make their way to or from a kingdom.

Grand Duchies

  • Anotar – Once Eric’s Duchy, now being conquered by Caine, Anotar is a fertile, populous place.
    • Constellation: Sagittarius
  • Elmaria – Ruled by Prince Bleys of Amber, Elmaria is mineral rich and arid.
    • Constellation: Gemini
  • Raedell – Ruled by Prince Caine of Amber, Raedell is a hard and rugged land.
    • Constellation: Capricorn


  • Ceridor: A fairly modern kingdom by Golden Circle standards, spread out over miles and miles of coastline. The men of Ceridor are known as fierce warriors, due to constant fighting with savage tribes further inland.
    • Constellation: Libra
  • Begma: A late-medieval kingdom with very little sea-access, making it unusual in the Golden Circle. A longtime close ally of Amber despite that.
    • Constellation: Virgo
  • Eteria: A pre-medieval shadow, very mystical in nature. It lies on a series of steppes and around mountains, the sky has a very faint purplish hue.
    • Constellation: Taurus
  • Kashfa: An early or classic medieval Kingdom with a history of aggression against its neighbors. Often estranged from Amber.
    • Constellation: Cancer
  • Rethidor: A tribal kingdom of mostly forests and huge rivers, the towns are situated along the rivers.
    • Constellation: Aries
  • Segovia A classic medieval kingdom, mostly rolling plains and great walled cities. They have a strong tradition of knighthood and horsemanship.
    • Constellation: Leo
  • Toradon: A high medieval kingdom quite close to Amber. They are known for mineral exports, and for the many strange and wonderful beasts that frequent the land.
    • Constellation: Aquarius
  • Thoria: An alliance of city-states, scattered among a large archipelago.
    • Constellation: Pisces
  • Venaros: A middle-eastern kingdom, mostly dominated by deserts, but there are scattered areas of green among some hills and pools of water.
    • Constellation: Scorpio

Golden Circle

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