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I’d only ever been to chaos the one time before, and that was at the end of the pattern fall war. This time was different, but still for some reason felt the same, like I was still at war. Even though the war is over and I have good opinions of several chaosites, such as Jezelda and Rabin. This Sibyl that we’ve met is interesting as well, though I’m not sure why Rabin keeps putting us all in the same room. We’ll learn eventually.

Perhaps it was because I am as Orion called it, bitter. Angry, bitter, and resentful. I very much enjoyed Jocelyn’s son being beaten. She abandoned us for the assault, and perhaps she was trapped, but she had made no preparations to assist beforehand. I feel more distant to her than I ever have before.

And now her son is captured, presumably by Twilight folk. I have almost no interest in rescuing him, though I suppose we should.

I am beginning to suspect I am more like Bennedict than I would like.

Black frost covers the earth, concealing hope and leaving only cold anger


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