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I had my suspicions before today. But now they are are proven true, Orion has been in contact with the enemy. In the process of nearly killing Diar, I learned the truth. Diar is Orion’s father, which means that Llewella and Orion have known far more than they’ve let on for some time.

We have been battling the enemy for years, and only now have we learned the truth. Is Orion a traitor? I do not know, perhaps not intentionally. Orion did not choose Diar to be his father anymore than I chose Bennedict to be mine. On the other hand, the enemy often knew exactly where we are, the layout of the palace and seemed to have been warned in advance of our assaults, allowing them to lay traps for us.

If whatever information they’ve gained from Orion is unintentional, how much information has his mother Llewella given them. I have much to ponder.

Friend, enemy or both? Only time will tell


The Scions of Amber AshenHaze